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I am Dexter and I am a self-taught, hobbyist photographer and retoucher currently based out of San Antonio, Texas.

I picked up my first camera in 2007 while I was deployed to start documenting my travel adventures. The camera became my eyes and I shot pictures of anything and everything from desert sand and camels to trailers and sunsets.

On Christmas Day of 2009, I was spending the holiday at a friend’s house and took a random picture of one of the children. This picture turned out to be the best photo I had taken and it felt like a sign that I was meant to photograph people.

Dibuho Photography was born on December 3, 2011 while I was stationed in South Korea. I spent most of my free time behind the lens learning about story and narrative through photography. After moving to Germany in 2012, I began collaborating with European talents like make-up artists and models. Being surrounded by other artists who share my passion has helped me develop and hone my skills while giving me a sense of artistic direction.

I am influenced by past and present styles. I love photographing a person from a perspective that the viewer might not expect. Each face is beautiful in it’s own individual way and I strive to unmask and bring to light both inner and outer beauty. Everyone has a story and sometimes words aren’t necessary.

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